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Automotive repair with a touch of old school class

SSLP Automotive


    Tire change and balance

We offer tire install and balancing, repair, and polish. We do a winter changeover or a new set of rims and rubber. We currently are looking for a supplier for tires but we can get you whatever tire you need through one of the local shops, or find you a set of good used tires from a local kijiji family.

What we offer to our clients

Automotive repair

We offer full automotive repair from general services to engine removal.

We will be offering everything from a tuneup to larger repairs using quality parts from our suppliers in Canada, we believe in supporting local business. Our parts are order as we need so that saves us overhead on stock which allows us to keep our costs down. We can do diagnostic service on your vehicle, for a fixed rate, clearing codes or allowing you to see the problem that your vehicle has and book the repairs through us or any garage of your choosing. We do not believe in up selling therefore our clients can decide if they want the job done, we will recommend service if it is needed but never forced.


We offer quality and care in our detailing of your baby!

Our goal is to be a full service shop, and as such we will do what it takes to become your first choice in repairs by offering a wash with every repair, within a certain dollar amount. We also offer many detailing options at an affordable rate, from just a quick wash and wax, right down to shampooing and detailing interior. If you need special attention to detail well we offer that, alot can be said about a person who keeps a clean ride, let us help you with that!


This service will be offered as soon as we become more well known and build a client base. We can offer to look at the vehicle you wish to purchase and do an all round inspection to ensure you are getting a great ride. We will also do repairs to the vehicle if needed.

Trailer rentals

We currently have a client that is renting a few trailers, a 22ft hydraulic tilt deck car hauler, a small utility trailer for quads, sleds, dirt bikes, etc. A dump box trailer, and we also have a connection with Flammin rentals which has anything you might need for hauling.