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Automotive repair with a touch of old school class

SSLP Automotive

 Rates and fees

 All prices shown are subject to change depending on the amount of work to be performed and the overall shape of the vehicle. All prices are taxes included unless otherwise stated. No bill shall be issued that exceeds 10% of work order pricing without a new quote with written customer consent.

 Shop rate 

$80/HR All shop rate is taxes in, parts will be extra unless supplied by the customer.

 Diagnostic rate

 $35 Includes diagnostic check, clear codes, unless repairs are performed then hourly rate will apply.

 Basic wash

$60 Includes a good exterior wash windows cleaned and tire shine. Prices will vary depending on the amount of mud and debris on vehicle.

 Wash/ Wax

$125 Includes a good wash, dry and wax of vehicle, we use our product unless customer has a preferance. 

 Basic interior 

 $100 This includes a vacuum and detailing of the dash and other interior parts, customer is responsible for removing all pesonal items from the vehicle before it is dropped off. We do not hold responsibility for missing items.

 Full interior

$300 This is a time consuming venture which requires the basic job plus carpet cleaning, stain removal, cleaning out vents, removing some interior pieces ie seats. Price is dependant on the nature of the mess inside the vehicle, also includes a basic wash.

 Engine Detail

 $150 This price reflects the nature of the job, engines are finicky and require special care to perform. Special chemicals are required and need disposal. Price depends on the amount of dirt and oil in the engine bay. 

 Full care

 $400 This is a full price for all the bells and whistles, wash, wax, interior, and engine bay. Same as above price may vary depending on the vehicle and time needed to complete.